Roller Derby sublimation printed dress

Roller derby sublimated dress from Taut®
Advantages of sublimation?
With this process you can have literally any colour, in fact any number of colours in any design you can think of, and no matter how intricate your logo - it's possible.

Taut® Derby Uniform is seen on leagues worldwide, and uses our industry leading premium sports fabric, which copes with velcro better than anything we have yet to see.
Don't see your size, don't worry, we go from XXS to XXXXXL, and can make a new pattern if you're outside this :)

A genuine British product, the fabric is knitted here in the Uk, and the kits designed, printed, sewn and shipped by us all right here in Halifax. No hidden fees, and No Minimum Order when you choose Taut® as your supplier.

The kit at the front of the pack is Taut®

In stock
So popular is the design of the A-line dress we created.
Possibly because it is such a flattering design, it make everyone who wears it feel comfortable.
We can make it for you in either a round or a vee neck version, the vee neck having a small contrast vee.

please get in touch for details of how to order for your league. We have a number of sample sets in circulation, which we can send out for a refundable deposit. We have an in-house design service, and you can be as involved as you like.

As we have been asked by a number of leagues if their skaters can purchase their own tops direct, we have made this style available to buy online.
However, a couple of points to help you: You are responsible for your name and number. We will from now on be applying the name as you write it - ie in capitals, in lower case, or in sentence case, so be aware when you type it. If the font your league uses does not support lower case, this is not an issue. With numbers we will follow WFTDA guidelines. All numbers will be over 150mm, and letters will be added under 50mm and only outside the main number. If your name has more than one word, especially if it has more than two, we will present it the way we think looks best (ie on one or two lines). If you must have it a certain way (and we get this) then get in touch to let us know how you would like it. Make sure you choose the correct back for your league, standard, racer, extreme racer. If you chose a style your league does not wear, we will not go ahead unless we speak to you. If you ask for something which is not the norm for your league - ie you want your name on 2 lines, but everyone else has their names on 1 line, we will assume this is permissible.

We normally ask for 4 weeks to turn uniform around. We can and mostly do make them much quicker, sometimes in the same week, but this is absolutely never a guarantee or promise, so please plan ahead. There is a small surcharge for ordering online, as making individual tops one at a time is the most cost ineffective way to work for us.

Proud to be a Genuine British Company.

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Weight 500.0000
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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Taut® has been involved in Roller Derby since 2010.
We created the Derby Central website in 2012, five years ago!!!

Taut® sill makes the most recognisable Derby uniform in Europe. Supplying a large number of leagues, both in the UK, Europe and beyond, Taut® can be seen worn on skaters in towns and cities worldwide.

Innovation and standards are the key words and values Taut® adheres to with their garments. All products are made and developed alongside the skaters who have asked for, and will ultimately use them.
We use expensive fabrics, none of which are sourced from 3rd world countries.
All the design, printing and sewing is done right here in the UK.
We do not use loopholes, like doing part of the process in the UK, and contracting the rest out to call ourselves a British manufacturer.
We are a 100% genuine British manufacturer, and very proud of that fact.

Taut®, will be adding new items to the Derby Central website during 2017, and also re-introducing regular competitions.
keep watching through our Facebook, Twitter and also our Instagram accounts.