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If we make your boutfits, then we can produce you a set of roller derby helmet covers at the same time,
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Please note, we exclusively print our helmet covers now, except in extraordinary circumstances.

If we make your boutfits, then we can produce you a set of roller derby helmet covers at the same time, With the added bonus that it will match your uniform exactly. Should you just want covers and not kit, that's fine, but exact colour matching whilst possible to an extent, is very time consuming, and never guaranteed.....

One way to choose a colour is to look at all the photos on our facebook page and choose a colour from one of our many Derby Partner Leagues.

One set consists of:

2 identical Pivot covers, 2 Identical Jammer covers,

It’s a set of four covers whichever way you want it:

Unless we hear different, we assume it’s a set for bouting,

For bouting It’s two identical jammers, and two identical pivots, just to make swapping over during a bout easy.

Although if  you like can have the other option for scrimmage

So - If it’s for scrimmage, some teams ask for one of each, so that would be, for example on black and white:

One black stripe on white One black star on white One white stripe on black One white star on black



Team England Helmet Covers

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